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Come into the light, come to light

When I get a new stone to make a sculpture, I look at it quietly, feel it with my hands, step away from it and look again. Where can I unlock the stone, where do I allow the stone to be stone? Where can I reveal the sculpture, where may the light come and where do I respect what remains closed, in all the beauty that is already there? This is also how I work with people. Time after time a person chooses what he is willing to show and what to hide. How close another person may come. And every time I feel enriched as a human being in the contact with the other person. When a person feels seen and recognized, their qualities are able to come to light, to grow and develop.

Grote foto

Joost Nijhof working in her garden at Austerlitz


Joost Nijhof is a sculptor. She works primarily in stone, mostly marble, both figurative and abstract. Almost all her sculptures have a rough, original piece of stone. Each sculpture is unique. Joost graduated from VABK, the Free Academy for Sculpting Art. In addition, she attended various courses and work placements such as a land-art project in Diepkloof, South Africa and an ‘Art of living’ placement in Nieuw-Bethesda, an artists’ village in the Great Karoo, South Africa. For several weeks each year she goes to work in Pietrasanta in Italy, near Carrara, where the marble is extracted from the mountains.

Besides her sculpting Joost is a coach and trainer. It is so special when people awake, appear to become lighter through gaining insights. Joost also guides organizational and family constellations, systemic work. When working as an intensive care nurse, she found that in all the hectic work, genuine contact with people is incredibly important. Both with patients and with colleagues. Working with people is important to Joost, just like her sculpting is. People are her inspiration for the creation of sculptures. And sculpting brings more depth to her work with people.

Curriculum Vitae

Born in Apeldoorn (NL), on December 20, 1960


Masterclass The movements of the soul, Phoenix Training Institute


Training Discovery of the Guiding Principles in Organizations, Bert Hellinger Institute


The Mask Maker (Systemic work, body work), Phoenix Training Institute


Systemic work, Phoenix Training Institute

Several courses and work placements for visual artistry


Master coach, Master Coaching International


Post graduate course Trainer, BGL & Partners

Various courses in the field of coaching and communication skills


VABK, Free Academy Sculpting Art, four-year course


People skills, Hogeschool Midden Nederland


Intensive care nurse, UMCU


Three beautiful children
Many sports
Love to travel
Inspired by nature